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Back to the Blogging World! Raise the Humidity! February 5, 2014

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I have had to take a break from blogging for a while because of time constraints. I found that there just wasn’t enough time for me to blog even on a weekly basis plus prepare for craft shows, run my online business, take care of my home, and prepare for the holidays. Things have now settled down and I can once again fit blogging into my life! 🙂 

My neck of the woods is caught in a deep freeze! Last night we had a winter storm come through layering a quarter inch of ice on everything. Brrr! We even lost power for a short period of time. By the time my dear husband had got the generator and extension cords out it came back on. 🙂 Thankfully we burn wood for our main heat source so even though it is extremely cold outside it is a nice warm temp inside. 


Something that I have been dealing with because of the wood heat is very low humidity in our home. It was so dry that my skin was constantly dry no matter how much I moisturized and my dear little doxie developed dandruff! Sooo, I went on defense and started looking for ways to raise the humidity in the house. I have always kept a large pot of water on top of our wood stove but it just wasn’t enough to keep the humidity above 23%.

I remembered that I still had a vaporizer that I had bought when my boys were small, so I dug it out and filled it with water and plugged it in. This raised the humidity a 2-3%, still not enough. I also had a small fountain that I hadn’t used in a while, out it came. I filled the fountain with water and plugged it in. I also filled 2 large vases with water and a mason jar with water and sat them around the house. After a few days the humidity was raised from 23% to 38%, my skin is not as dry and Dolly’s dandruff has cleared up. As a bonus, I have found it doesn’t take as much to warm our home with the increased humidity.  Keeping the humidity at a comfortable level in my house is a daily battle. I have to re-fill the pot on the stove and the vaporizer twice a day, the fountain needs topping off once a day, and the vases and jar need topping off once a week. If I forget to do any of the re-filling the humidity drops fast.

If you are having trouble with dry skin, or would like to have it feel warmer at a lower temperature in your house, I urge you to try to increase the humidity in your home. It can be as simple as setting out containers of water around your home and allow the water to evaporate. 


Working hard on Etsy…just not seeing the results. December 12, 2013


Crocheted wire necklace with Chocolate glass pearls

My Etsy shop has been open since April but I have only generated 3 sales. 😦 Talk about frustrating! For a long while I thought it was my work and was considering closing up shop. However, a good friend of my suggested that I try craft shows. What a lift in spirits! I was only able to get in 2 shows this year but the response was great. People really liked my work and several actually bought from me! I had one wonderful woman custom order 3 items! So apparently it wasn’t my work but the way I was presenting it.

That is where I have been since my last post. Buried deep in learning how to present my shop to the public in the best light. There is a mountain of material I have to learn and I tend to get tunnel vision when working on anything and forget all else! (Hence the lack of posts!) The main things I am focusing on right now is SEO and improving all my photography. Thankfully a kind soul in the Etsy forums gave me a mini lesson on both and I am seeing some more views in my shop! The above picture is one of my improved pictures, below find the original one….


Which do you think is better?

I haven’t forgotten about the contest I promised. Leave a comment in the comment section below and I will randomly chose a number out of the comments and announce the winner next Friday December 13 2013. After the announcement I will privately contact the winner for their shipping information.

Oh I guess you want to know the prize? LOL! It is a delicate crocheted pink seed bead bracelet, pictured below….


Sorry the pic isn’t great, I took it with my tablet!


One week to my next show! December 2, 2013

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Sorry I haven’t posted very regularly lately, I guess it is just the season.  😉 I am preparing for another show, this one is in Corydon Indiana at the YMCA.  I have to rework my booth layout because I have a larger space this time!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your family!  We had ours a day late. Then my daughter-in-law’s employer kept her late which in turn made our dinner later than I planned,  but she finally got here and we had a nice time enjoying family.

Something that made the day, and this last week, a little bit more crazy was the addition of a new puppy to our family. I saw her pic on Craigslist and she stole my heart!

Meet Dolly. She is a mini dachshund. She was being rehomed because of high pet fees at her owners apartment. She has adapted quite well. She is my constant shadow.

I haven’t forgotten about the contest I mentioned earlier, it just has been so crazy around here I haven’t had time to take any pics of the prize! Between getting ready for the show and making 4 purses for 3 custom orders and just life in general,  I haven’t known if I was coming or going!  I will try to make that my post for next week! Just a teaser…the prize will be one of my jewelry pieces!

If your are in Corydon this Saturday stop by and say hi!  My show is at the YMCA from 9 am to 3 pm!


I am back! November 12, 2013

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I must say thank you to all my dear readers for waiting so patiently for me to start posting again. 😉  The last few weeks have been crazy busy around here. Here is an update of all that has been going on.

The craft show was good. I enjoyed it very much and had a blast. Many of the veteran crafters said that attendance was down and were disappointed, but as this was my first show I thought I did fairly well. I was able to make my booth fee plus. I didn’t make 5 times my booth fee but for a first time out I dont think I did too bad. I received my first custom order and met a lot of great people!

After the craft show we came home crammed everything into my craft room and took off for a 3 day mini vacation to celebrate our 23rd anniversary in Nashville,  Indiana. We stayed at a wonderful b&b that had cabins perfect for couples. It is called the Red Rabbit Inn and I am looking forward to staying there again. The inn keeper was very accommodating and provided yummy vegetarian breakfasts for us. Nashville is a little arts and crafts town. The shopping was great!


Above is a pic of my neglected studio.

We were home 2 days after our getaway before we packed up and headed to Missouri to do a roof for a friend.  On our way out we seen that we had a water leak close to our water meter. Dear hubby called and had them come out and shut the water off and we took off. We were gone for a week, and didn’t have wifi or phone signal in the area we were in! I thought I would be able to keep tabs on my etsy shop and start blogging again…guess not! When we got back this past Saturday we had no water until Monday night.  :/  On the upside, Saturday I received notice that I had a custom order from etsy!

We now have water, I am catching up on laundry and dishes and have updated my shop. Today I was able to take some time to say hey to all of you, before heading out to get materials to complete my 2 custom orders. Also I have to get my studio back in order! Life is calming back down just in time for the crazy busy holiday season!   😉

I hope you all have been well the past few weeks. I am still figuring out some type of contest and will be posting it shortly.  This has been quite a long post! Until next time….

Have a blessed day!


Still Here! October 21, 2013

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I am taking a very short break to let you know I haven’t forgotten you!  I am down to the wire for the craft show and have been devoting all my time and attention to getting everything done. There is still a lot to do so I need to get back at it!

Real quick, here are a couple pics of whay I have been working on…


I have stamped 150 bags with my CSL logo, I still have 50 boxes to stamp!



This is how my booth will look like.
If you are in Peewee Valley KY on the 26th come to the St Aloysius craft show and stop by my booth! Mention this blog and recieve a 10%discount on that days purchase!

Just fyi I do not plan on posting anything next week. I am planning on taking a break! I may post something short towards the end of the week…we will just have to see.


Craft show take over! October 7, 2013

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I have been consumed with this craft show! Normally my studio is fairly organized but I have been working so hard on completing projects that it looks like my studio has exploded!




I am gettimg things wrapped up but there is so much more I want to do, it is hard for me to draw the line and say enough. But I really need to start working on my booth display. This week my stamp should be in so I can brand all my boxes and bags. My banner is done I just have to pick it up. Only 3 weeks left and there is so much to do! I better go and get busy! As soon as I get the booth set up I will post pics…I may even have a contest! Hmmm, something to think about.

Have a blessed day!


Frugal date night September 30, 2013

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No the picture above doesn’t have anything to do with a date night! LOL! I didn’t have my camera with me and so have no pictures to share. This is my bird Shikoba (who claims my husband and tolerates me). On a recent camping trip.

Anyway, date night.  Do you set aside time to enjoy the love of your life? We didn’t always, not enough money, no babysitter, you know the usual excuses. I use the word excuses on purpose because that is exactly what they were. Date night does not have to involve a lot of money, in fact you don’t have to spend a dime! It is more about spending time with the one you love.

Saturday my dear husband took me out to eat. This is becoming more frequent since our kids have all moved out so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  What made it special and feel like a date is after dinner he decided to drive across the river and walk back across it using the pedestrian bridge. As we walked we held hands and talked about all different things. We just enjoyed being together.  When we got off the bridge we weren’t ready to go yet so we walked around the park, found some “porch” swings and sat in them and just looked out over the river. We noticed other activities there that we would like to do and have made plans to go back for more date nights there.

With the exception of our meal none of this cost any money. Just our time, slowing down and enjoying each others company. You could take a picnic dinner and make it even more frugal. The important thing is to take time to connect with your loved ones! In today’s world we are so disconnected,  we are on the computer or working hard to get this last project done, just living our lives on fast forward.  I encourage you all to hit the pause button and slow down at least one night a week and connect face to face with those you hold most dear. I promise you will not regret it.   🙂

Have a blessed day!


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